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Philips Amara Silicon Full Face Mask

Philips Amara Silicon Full Face Mask

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"Amara silicone for an exceptionally light mask:
With a silicone cushion, Amara is the smallest, most lightweight traditional full face mask on the market. This option provides great seal performance and is attractive for patients who prefer the look and feel of clear silicone.

One-click cushion assembly reduces pressure points:
The flexible silicone or gel cushion is designed to reduce pressure points, helping to keep your patients comfortable and compliant.

Lightweight minimal footprint frame is smaller and lighter:
Smaller and lighter than other leading traditional full-face masks and designed with a high clarity finish, Amara is built to improve therapy acceptance.

Simple design for the right fit:
Amara is lightweight and has 60% fewer parts than the leading full face mask. The modular design comes in just four sizes designed to fit over 95% of patient faces. This helps medical professionals get the right fit first time, every time.

Amara gel for exceptional seal and comfort:
Featuring our latest gel technology, Amara gel is designed to help improve patient success. The gel cushion conforms to the contours of the face, providing an exceptional seal and comfort. Even with the extra comfort of Philips Respironics gel, Amara gel is smaller and lighter than the leading traditional full face mask.

Interchangeable cushions reduce inventory:
All cushion sizes are interchangeable between frames for simpler, easier inventory management."
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