Patient Testimonials


I was recommended to use a BIPAB machine for my medical condition since 2016. I had initially rented the machine for use, as I wanted to make sure of good support from distributor before I was willing to commit to a purchase.

I was looking for a distributor with good product knowledge backed by in house expertise in Respiratory illness, reliable technical and administrative support staff, responsive and flexible sales personnel, and an established business presence in Singapore.

It was a frustrating experience initially as most of the personnel | dealt with from the distributors were keen on making a sale, but lacked product knowledge or expertise or were simply unreliable. Most questions had to be referred back to manufacturer or in house “experts”, and invariably the questions were not answered or “lost in translation”. The machines trialled were also not well tuned to my needs.

I finally settled on MedwoRx International after trialling with 3 other distributors of both Philips and ResMed models over a period of about | year.

MedwoRx International has given me the best overall support compared with the other distributors.

I find their “expert” staff, Victor Nale to be knowledgeable, competent, responsive and patient in listening to my queries and providing honest and professional feedback. He has an unassuming demeanour so it is easy to speak to him. I felt I could trust him with his professional advice. When I first approached the company for a trial machine for rental, Victor took the time to set the initial readings based on the doctor’s recommendations. He adjusted parameters based on my feedback through using the machine. It did not take long to arrive at a “settled” set of parameters for the machine I am using.

Both Debbie Tan and Emma Chua are also reliable and responsive in providing administrative, technical back up and after sales support.

When I upload my BIPAB readings to them, the turnaround time for trend report generation is usually within 2 working days.

I will not hesitate to recommend MedwoRx International Pte Ltd. to any prospective clients who have a need for their services or the products they carry.

They pay attention to customers’ needs.

Sylvia Tan


It’s been a very touching journey for us taking care of her and seeing how grandma has made an impression to the people ard her even to her last stages, her palliative team nurses, doctors & the day helper also said she’s very cute & joyful. Grandma has always been a people person and we missed her voice, she has been a big character in our family. My family and I are so grateful that we r able to bring her back home with the help of the high flow oxygen machine, if not we’ll be filled with much more regrets.

And of course, we have been sharing with people ard us on this machine that supports her lung illness during this palliative care and I’m also in the BioPharma/ healthcare/innovation industry so definitely I’ll spread awareness as and when I encounter others needs. We may also cross paths again in the industry.

Thank u so much for your professional help, support, warm words and resources Victor! My family and I are very thankful for it :) 🤍🌸

Eunice Soh


This is my second purchase with the company. Thanks to Victor, Jerome and Terry for their excellent and professional service rendered. They are very patient, knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you very much for taking care of my health and improving my quality of life. Keep up the excellent service attitude.